why do you need RAID?

Why do you need Serial ATA RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) in your system? By adding a RAID controller to your system, you can get the benefit of either increased performance or data protection. The FastTrak Serial ATA RAID card bundled with two Serial ATA hard drives (80GB or 160GB 7200 rpm) allows you to choose between two configuration options ("RAID levels") that provide different benefits to you.

What does each RAID level do for you?

RAID 0 (also known as "Striping") offers added performance over systems with a single hard drive by reading and writing data to two drives simultaneously. If you're a power user, RAID 0 is ideal for high-bandwidth applications like Adobe Photoshop where read/write performance is paramount, but redundancy is not necessary. Gamers who want the most out of their system can also get a performance boost using RAID 0.

RAID 1 (also known as "Mirroring") offers increased data integrity over systems with a single hard drive by automatically copying the data on drive 1 to drive 2 so you have the same data on both drives. If one drive fails, the data is on the other drive and you can continue to use your system. Just replace the failed drive and the system copies the data to the new drive automatically so you're back to pain free data protection. This is an invaluable option if you have data or files that you can't afford to lose—such as financial records, medical files, business transactions, or term papers.

The characteristics and benefits of the two RAID levels are summarized below:

System Configuration RAID 0 (Performance) RAID 1 (Protection)
What You See 2 x 160GB = 320GB 160GB
Characteristics RAID controller breaks the data into blocks and distributes the pieces to both drives. RAID controller writes the same data to both drives.
Benefit RAID 0 (Striping) offers performance benefits over a single hard drive configuration. This is ideal for power users and gamers that deal with large files.

RAID 1 (Mirroring) offers you data integrity by having the same data on two drives. If one drive fails, the data is still intact on the other hard drive. This bundle is for anyone who requires data integrity.



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